Sports Injury FAQs

We Can Help You with Your Sports Injury

If you are a sports lover, whether you highly train or merely participate for fun, you face the risk of getting injured. Michigan has the just the right temperature for all of your games, and we at Mi Spine Management Clinic in Allen Park and Dearborn Heights are here to ensure that you can play without pain.

Sports Injury FAQs

What Are The Most Common Types of Sports Injuries?

  • Pulled Muscle

Vigorous exercise may cause your muscles to stretch and tear. Symptoms include the inability to move, pain, and swelling. A pulled muscle normally occurs on the hamstring, groin, quadriceps, calves, and lower back. If you have a pulled muscle, our chiropractor at Mi Spine Management Clinic has the right techniques to heal your injury.

  • Torn ACL

The knee is held together by the anterior cruciate ligament, which provides stability to the knee. An ACL is a sports injury that occurs when the leg lands in the wrong direction. It produces a popping sound, and then the knee no longer functions. The symptoms include loss of range of motion, extreme pain, and swelling. Rehabilitation exercises can help stabilize the knee and restore range of motion.

  • Torn MCL

A torn MCL occurs when the knee gets pushed sideways by receiving a direct blow to the knee. It often results in swelling, pain, and locking of the knee joint. A torn MCL can be treated by visiting a chiropractor for rehabilitation exercises and using ice and bracing.

  • Shin Splints

These are stabbing, throbbing pains on the inside of the lower leg. They mainly occur in runners who are just beginning to exercise. The pain is a result of muscles and tendons around the tibia becoming inflamed. Pain relief can be achieved through stretching, applying ice, and resting.

How Can I Reduce My Chance of Suffering a Sports Injury?

  • Have Enough Rest

Take the time to rest from vigorous exercise to lower your chances of getting a sports injury.

  • Always Wear The Right Sports Gear

All athletes need to wear the right gear when taking part in sports. Your sports gear should include pads for the neck, shoulder, and chest, helmets, a mouthpiece, appropriate eyewear, and face guards. All sporting gears should be of the right size and quality.

  • Use The Right Technique

Always use the proper technique when participating in sports. By doing so, you cut your chances of injuring yourself or exposing others to danger.

  • Follow The Sports Rules

It is critical that all sportsmen follow the rules governing a particular sport to prevent any kind of injuries.

What Do I Do If I Experience a Sports Injury?

If you experienced a sports injury, consult with our chiropractor in Dearborn Heights and Allen Park. We can determine what caused it and find ways to help you heal from your sports injury so that you can return to playing sports.

How Can I Schedule an Appointment with Your Chiropractor?

You can schedule an appointment with our chiropractor at Mi Spine Management Clinic via online or by phoning us at (313) 406-6002 (Dearborn Heights office) or (313) 768-5385 (Allen Park office).