Dr. Jaafer Aldirawi, DC

Board Certified Chiropractic Physician in Dearborn, MI

Jaafer Aldirawi

Hi there! I’m Dr. Jiff, a chiropractor who loves helping others achieve their optimal health and wellness. I studied at National University of Health Sciences to obtain my Doctor of Chiropractic degree. At NUHS, I went through various adjustment classes to make sure my skills are the best they can be. Along with chiropractic adjustments, I also take interest in helping patient achieve wellness through rehab, soft tissue techniques(MET, Pin & Stretch, ischemic compression, myofascial release and more), physiotherapy modalities and more. I like to take a focus in the patients diet as well as a diet full of inflammatory foods can increase and keep pain hanging around. When I first started practicing, I saw the immediate effects of chiropractic when I saw patients that came in limping, leave cheerfully walking straight.  

What drew the connection between chiropractic and rehab for me was when I saw chiropractic medicine improve the results in the gym for weightlifters. I spent a lot more time in the gym when it was the only thing I could do outside of school during covid. I made a lot of friends there and coached a lot of friends as well. I understood early into my program that chiropractic medicine is one of the ultimate tools to eliminate pain when lifting and when it is combined with functional training and functional stretches, it is the ultimate goldmine to solving pain. I can't wait to continue sharing it with the world.